figures (overwhelm) redux

I feel overwhelmed.  So I decided to reblog these figures from some time ago.  Figures, as I mention on my about page,  are what I use to illustrate complex concepts.   I am working on some new figures, too, which I will publish later.  I think they are about the word ENOUGH, but we’ll see.

Black swan would like you to know that he is overwhelmed, too.  He is squawking and flapping his wings in the tidal marsh below to communicate his persistent shock and dismay.   We ate TURKEY on Thursday,  not swan, but it still was not a good day for the black swan.  (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about).  Soon,  I’m going to have to dump out the bones, and I just hope they’ll fall somewhere he’ll never see them.

So here’s  an old post, on the word OVERWHELM.

Figures [click to enlarge]:

fig. 1

figures 3, 5, & 22

I look up

like I’ve fallen down stairs.

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About The Odalisque

I am the odalisque who lives in an oblelisk. I converse with birds.

2 responses to “figures (overwhelm) redux”

  1. Marian says :

    Dear Odalisque – I think you and the birds might like this video…

    • Odalisque says :

      Thank you thank you I love these birds. I can relate to this statement “a place where beauty and behavior are intertwined.” I only wish I hadn’t let the black swan see this as he’s now experimenting with the moves at 3:08. It’s annoying he keeps darting up at me. Oh look, now, crow, mimicking swan, strutting up and down the window arch. Oh, crow is actually much more convincing. Crow, I would like one of those iridescent blue feathers for my hair, please.

converse. carrier pigeon post.

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