A reader has asked if buying an obelisk is expensive, or if I just rent.

Obelisks are like Brigadoon; they appear at the moment needed, but otherwise are unattainable.  That’s why I am reluctant to leave–if I do I’m not sure I could get back.   I really have to be convinced that it is worth the risk.

Some people would feel stuck in this situation but I like it fine.  I’ve stopped expecting anyone, besides the birds.  So now, I guess, I could really be surprised!

Which is evasion:  staying or going somewhere else?

  1. Some people stay where they are to evade what they could be.
  2. Others keep moving to evade who they are.
  3. Does it matter where I am?

Here’s a sentence I read recently:

But actually               unlike the snail                    we carry our homes                  within us

which enables us                                     to fly                                                               or to stay

,—                                 to enjoy                                   each.

Thoughts like these are  the price one pays for living in an obelisk by the sea shore.  Their consideration is the cost of rent.

I’m curious if any of you live in similar structures.  Perhaps in other shapes or materials?

A chunk of the obelisk fell out when I was painting, and it sits on my desk.  Do you know what obsidian feels like?  It is dark, glassy, a mirror cast in blackness, not in light.  The obelisk is very grounding.  It channels atmospheric and astronomical energies into the earth out of the sky.  Kind of like a lightening rod during a storm, but it works on more subtle energies, as well.

The tree that can sometimes be seen growing out my window, flourishes upon that same earth and air.

Soon it will be the equinox!  We are going to conduct an experiment on that day.  I’ll post the results next week.

Sorry I’ve been so absent these last few weeks.  I was tending to the tree.

You can ask me anything anytime as a comment or at handwriting email address


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