crow morphology (ice stone)



Groove 6: [audible]

here there are stones.  stones that were books that were songs that were warm hands warm from weeping.  black silk worn deep blue by years of weather, macabre tablecloth on a slab of stone.  sacrifice who?  it is done.  stones are not hungry nor do they thirst.  flesh nor blood.

where the stones are there was a forest.

the winds are harsh and the ground stays damp without roots to drink from it.

night is wholly visible, they say.




Groove 7: [audible, hidden]


 stone time a dream marvel impetuous f/light streaking across night sky

deploy fire icy dust because core changed very little and still in icy depths

the mission ends [

deep cease]

Intro to  Crow Morphology

Previous Groove.

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I am the odalisque who lives in an oblelisk. I converse with birds.

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