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three’s a charm (Happy New Year 3)

Yes, we are here.  So soon after the solstice it’s Happy New Year.  Year THREE of my life in the obelisk has just passed by.

This year Hawk found a record underneath a rock.  We called it crow morphology and tried, unsuccessfully, to decipher it.  Henriette sent a postcard–she found a job in Venezuela!  I invited her to visit us in the obelisk, but I haven’t heard from her again.  I dreamed on cosmic dream radio: deer crashing, and a song from the sountrack of my favorite movie.   I wondered “Are you bringing me flowers?”  (YOU.  YES YOU.)   Black Swan did bring flowers from the marsh but Hawk brought me a squirrel tail  which Owl promptly ate.  I was so glad.  I mean, sad.

For the solstice, the birds made me a niche.  Three years in the obelisk and I finally have a niche!

Owl just lifted one foot then stomped it on my desk to remind me that Owl, also, made scrapbook pages while a certain Odalisque was off dreaming in a funk.  Owl wrote about Owl things here and here.

As usual, I got more crazy notes burnt on my pillow by the phoenix.   And google eyes agoged (FIND ME YOU YES YOU).

Here are some pictures from my scrapbook this year:

Here is a dream I dreamed:


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