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Don’t force.  Little things.  Days.  Hay the heap in which pricker lost,  scintillant sharp-eye.

Pay attention.  A haystack is a stack of needles. Needles of hay.  Stop scouring gold for cold steel.






steps-2Transmission weak and flatulent, slack-jawed lines on a pole poorly buried.  No electrical ground.

Engage the operative.  Draw the lines taut and subtle like muscle tissue like sinew bow strings, foreleg of deer drawn taut to down the fleeing deer.

The deer enables the hunter.  Without her there is no hunt<h>er.

Or is there?  Her taut-strung sinews string his lyre.  Therefore, he thinks, they commune.


steps-3No rest always a space simple let it fill itself with play.

Head too heavy to lift up?

Look down, upon reflective surfaces.

Try cans of spent motor oil.  Try backside of spoons.   Try sphericals.   Try eyes of adoring animals.  Try shiny-ing your shoes.

the great guardian (vernal equinox, 2015)


I am the lion the great guardian who destroys all who come with bad intentions.

storm clouds, sirens, sea shells, ships.

winged guardian.

April is the cruelest month.

It’s coming!  Happy first moment of spring.

–The Odalisque



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