odalisque primer

I am an odalisque who lives alone in an obelisk and this is my SCRAPBOOK about my life.  My scrapbook begins with this post  (note the subtlety of my links).


My friends are owl, crow, black swan, hawk, phoenix, & the starlings.

They are all very FASHIONABLE.  They visit often, the phoenix in goblets of spirits, or flaming billet-doux.


I don’t usually wear clothes, but I do change my head frequently.  I, like all odalisques, have a fantastic coat.


my coat, clock, and pen


This is my penpal, Henriette,

Henriette and her coat

Henriette & her coat

We were friends in Paris around the turn-of-the-century:

Paris, France

but lost touch.  I contacted her by staghorn post after her photo appeared in the world’s newspapers–she was abducted from her solitary life in the desert and imprisoned in a Venezualan basement because she was believed to be a member of the bourgeoisie.   Our correspondence, though erratic, is an important part of my scrapbook.  She reminds me of my past, and of the political struggle of the odalisque.  ****UPDATE!! HENRIETTE LIBRE!!  Henriette escaped the prison des beaux arts when Chavez turned into a bird!!!!*


I make figures to illustrate complex concepts (they have their own scrapbook category —->)


I mistrust the ocean and its inhabitants:ocean lies low


Although I have not left the Obelisk, I do travel in outer-space.




Here are some of my favorite things:



I will write no more of love



Thank you for looking.  Thank you.

–The Odalisque

obelisk doorphoenix_conversation_fearfire_bottomborder

if you’re interested in–

sexual personae camille paglia decadence feminism male gaze deconstruction deconstructing

poetry yeats rilke  tanka haiku japanese female poets yosano akiko anne carson susan howe

surrealism feminist art collage

dream journey jung james hillman archetypes images personal myths eros impermanence

–you might like my scrapbo

converse. carrier pigeon post.

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