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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I now operate on obelisk time, and today is January 31…one year ago I moved into my towering astronomical clock.  To scald out the old and wring in the new, the birds and I took a bath.  Here the birds are in their bathing caps, I in my flaming sword:

bird bath

You will note that crow showed up as a parrot.  I have no explanation for this; crow delights in incongruities.   I trust that parrot-hood is only a temporary condition intended to confound everybody.  Once we’ve grown accustomed to this guise,  it’ll vanish, like the shadow of the circling bird when clouds occlude the light.

When I started this scrapbook I did not know that my measured and even conversations with the birds would become silly, intense, with fashion shows, flaming pillow notes, cupid costumes, and a very bad day for the black swan.    I had no idea, when I started, what I looked like, or that an accurate depiction of my life required a queerly elaborate picture language.   I discover my voice speaking to you.

Here are my ten favorite pages from the 72 I made this year (click to view):

  1. Beauty in ruin…a conversation with the hawk
  3. The stag & the unicorn
  4. Portraits of the odalisque as a young girl
  5. Learning to wait
  6. My swim-suit
  7. A WOMAN THERE WAS starring Theda Bara
  8. My first letter from imprisoned odalisque, Henriette
  9. Publicity photos from my movie
  10. MY MOVIE!!!!!

Which ones did you favor?

Not fare well, but fare forward, dear voyagers,

–The Odalisque

desert (n) desert (v)

I am thinking about the lion roaring in the enraging desert:


What is passive, immobile, asleep in the heart creates a desert which can only be cured by roaring.

The desert is not in Egypt; it is anywhere once we desert the heart.

Our way through the desert is the awakening to it as a desert, the awakening of the beast, that vigil of desire.

the desert is where the lion lives  our guardian

“The lion roars at the enraging desert”  [Wallace Stevens]

The more our desert the more we must rage, which rage is love.

We fear that rage.  We dare not roar.

greedy paw, hot and sleepless as the sun, fulminating as sulfur, setting the soul on fire.

lion in the desert

Happy Winter Solstice.  The days now lengthen.

Live in the leonine passions of the soul.

–The Odalisque

(text excavation from James Hillman.  Read unexcavated text here from The Blue Fire.)

astronomical truths

[email subscribers–owl’s right claw hit the wrong button on Monday when editing this, and you got an incomplete draft sent to you on an astronomically un-important day.  Here  is the complete, illustrated  post for the solstice!]

Today, the earth bows as far as it can towards the sun.

How do you view the world?

Is it the first day of summer or the last long day, the pivot that precedes decline, the inevitable retreat into dark December?

Today is  a straightforward crosshatch in the earth’s wobbly pirouette, demanding neither faith nor persuasion.  It is an astronomical fact.   An undemanding event.  No eclipse, no rare hailstorm of ice singeing a slice of visible sky, no celestial alignment approached over multiple life times.  Annually the earth tilts forward, equalizes, tilts back, equalizes, and it will do so (most likely) every year of your brief life.

Go out.  Stand.  Face the sun.  Tilt forward.  The year will pass.  Stand upright.  Bend backwards, like grass, like a whole planet repeating, dipping, bowing, turning aside, tilting a-right,  never static and yet never deviating from its path,  half in, half out, of nuclear light.

fizzy beverages

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