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my swim-suit

Summer is upon us!  It’s time to feature, as promised in my sensationally popular post FASHION,  my swim-suit.

In my post  Odalisques & the Ocean I described the sea as teeming with crepuscular carnage:

(Hail the living ocean the wreckage of shore!  The dark things that sift through the muck of its floor.   The fish, angels of numbness, glittering like jewels in a crypt.  The eels and spiny things, glass-eyed, lidless conglomerations of hideousness both repellent and fascinating.)

Ages ago I happened upon the perfect swim-suit for braving the high seas.  My very fashionable swim-suit is a super-hot metallic with jewels and gilding strategically placed to accentuate my odalisquan curves:

my swimsuit
  [click to enlarge]

I love my swim-suit!  I always stand-out at the beach, and best of all, I feel confident and secure, prepared for anything the sea might spit at me!   I always wear a bathing cap to protect my head in case of unforeseen collisions with crashing rocks.  This one has goggles built in so when I’m underwater I can open my eyes to defend myself.  I swim with a sword, as well as my pen, which appears to deter ships, even when I’m drowning.

If hawk is planning a visit,  I could stab us a fish!

–The Odalisque

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