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I’m still trying to finish my movie “How I got into the obelisk”, which is a response to a reader question.

I discover that even with a paper movie, post-production takes longer than actual filming.   Not to mention the complications with my composer.  He and his guitar exist only as astral projections, so scoring is frustrating and time-consuming.    Movie projections, astral projections, it gets pretty wacky up here.  Thank goodness for owl with two clear eyes in a very clear head that can rotate 270 degrees.

In the meantime, here are some of the props used in in my movie.  One day maybe they will be auctioned off for millions of dollars and I can start a foundation to build secluded spots for odalisques world-wide.  Which reminds me…I still have not heard from my imprisoned friend Henriette, though the return staghorn post will undoubtedly take some time.

–The Odalisque

Movie Night!

It’s movie night in the obelisk!

I sometimes watch movies in the obelisk.  The movies I watch are always full of stars (see above).  I’m particularly fond of the lost films of Theda Bara, because there is no extant footage.   I like films that make me think.

When I’m in the mood for mindless entertainment, I watch the films of Theda Bara.  They are SO melodramatic,  reminding me of my life if my life was filmed through a lens that reversed everything, like relationship and character.  Also, my life has never been so black and white.  I prefer a 19th or even 18th century palate, preferably in oil.  Odalisques, in general, are best rendered in flesh tones, unless you are Matisse, who, though he drew many odalisques in color, could quintessence our curves in a single voluptuous line.

Theda Bara’s eyes are often voluptuously lined.

The owl always watches movies with me, which is fortunate because owl eyes are very receptive to low-light.  I always know what’s going on in the movie, thanks to Owl.

I’ve made a new category called “Movie Night!” and will start scrapbooking our favorite scenes from the movies we watch.

The movies we see never in any way resemble the publicity materials Owl finds in the world-wide-web.


–The Odalisque

Theda Bara & bird

summer! swimsuits!! movies!!! frosty beverages!!!!

Greeting fair readers!  Summer is around the corner–that corner on the lower right-hand side of your calendar, the one you are about to take between your fingers, lift, tear or turn.

Come summer, odalisques feel far less alien in the world as everyone wears scant clothing and lounges about drinking beverages, staring absent-mindedly and intently (at irregular intervals) into a brazen sky.   When the sun is dazzling bright and temperatures escalate, even the most persistent gloom is a refreshing shadow.

This summer, I have some scrapbooking plans.  One reader has anonymously asked how I got into my obsidian obelisk.  I will try to answer this question by Fall.  Other topics planned include MOVIE NIGHTS, a stunning exposé of my SWIMSUIT, and a peek inside my REFRIGERATOR.

The owl approves of these plans, as they include several popular tags:  FILM, FASHION, and FOOD, all of which begin with the letter F.

Are there questions you have for an odalisque, or, more specifically, The Odalisque? 

Please leave a comment or email me if there are pressing issues you’d like me to wring through my word press.  My email address is below, and below that below, you will find the comment area.

Thank you for looking.  Thank you.

–The Odalisque

PS: Chatter chatter starlings chatter.  Odalisque Odalisque are you going to the sea shore?  Am I going to the seashore?   Am I?  Or does my expectation fly o’er the hills?

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