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so silent odalisque.  long empty pie pieces sliced by solar time: solstice to equinox to solstice to equinox.  a big sun-cross with silent sweeps in between.  every circle is a year.

this silent sweep is avril, the cruelest month, eliot said.  plants don’t want to be buried they pull themselves, pale, embryonic un-dead, out of the earth.  marsh goes from gold to green again, the water is not summer blue or winter black but a sheeny-silver murk, faintly pink.   my room is cold then perfect perfect warm then hot then cold again in just one day as the sun slips in and out of window frame.  birds build nests of straw and trash.  i leave shreds of scrapbook paper on the sill for them to take.  scrapbook shreds pad nests.

now is not a time i want to eat eggs.

i want to eat…green shoots as they curl out of the ground.  big bowls, before they toughen too much in the sun.  how crisp and fresh these young sprouts.   they snap between teeth,  taste of minerals, essence of dirt firmed in cellulose and sweetened with chemystred  light  .  radish asparagus lotus root  fiddle-head fern.  young and crisply fibrous.

i am no spring sprout.  i am a fruit not yet fermented to wine, but late-season, heavy and odorous.

i plump myself on fresh spring greens.  the birds pile them on the sill.  maybe in exchange for the nesting material, or maybe just because they  like to feed me.  because they care.

–The Odalisque

my refrigerator

When cicadas hum and green things spoil themselves for autumn,

let’s go to the kitchen and stand contemplatively in the light of the refrigerator door.

Let’s grab leaves and roots and pulpy ovaries, throw them on the counter and make choices.

Let’s use sharp knives and pull with our fingers.

Let’s put things in pots and boil them.

Let’s stir and sizzle and poke until they’re done.

When they are, bring out the earthenware and a bottle of something intoxicating!

Let the night burn like sugar!

Let the days be warm and crisp as a salad!

Let us be bountiful with each other and sharp.

Let us labor and be well fed.      (    oh

it’s  nice to smell oil burning

to cut into gourds and hearts

to come inside when the sun gets all teary-eyed

and sit close in the last bit of warmth.)

my refrigerator

summer! swimsuits!! movies!!! frosty beverages!!!!

Greeting fair readers!  Summer is around the corner–that corner on the lower right-hand side of your calendar, the one you are about to take between your fingers, lift, tear or turn.

Come summer, odalisques feel far less alien in the world as everyone wears scant clothing and lounges about drinking beverages, staring absent-mindedly and intently (at irregular intervals) into a brazen sky.   When the sun is dazzling bright and temperatures escalate, even the most persistent gloom is a refreshing shadow.

This summer, I have some scrapbooking plans.  One reader has anonymously asked how I got into my obsidian obelisk.  I will try to answer this question by Fall.  Other topics planned include MOVIE NIGHTS, a stunning exposé of my SWIMSUIT, and a peek inside my REFRIGERATOR.

The owl approves of these plans, as they include several popular tags:  FILM, FASHION, and FOOD, all of which begin with the letter F.

Are there questions you have for an odalisque, or, more specifically, The Odalisque? 

Please leave a comment or email me if there are pressing issues you’d like me to wring through my word press.  My email address is below, and below that below, you will find the comment area.

Thank you for looking.  Thank you.

–The Odalisque

PS: Chatter chatter starlings chatter.  Odalisque Odalisque are you going to the sea shore?  Am I going to the seashore?   Am I?  Or does my expectation fly o’er the hills?

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